IN THE MAIL: Living Like Ed

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Just got a copy of Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life by Ed Begley. Murdoc’s probably a bit more pro-environment than a lot of folks would expect, and I think the book looks decent. It’s got a lot of common sense-type suggestions that regular folks can implement for little or no cost to save money and energy.

My primary concern with energy conservation and generation has more to do with economics and foreign policy than with environmental concerns, but why not keep things a bit cleaner while saving a few bucks and denying cash to our enemies? No one likes pollution.

Especially this guy:

The book appears to be pretty well-written and though I haven’t watched his show on HGTV, Begley and his wife seem to be pretty personable and communicate their ideas in a way that non-eco-fanatics can accept. It’s important that some basic tips and ideas about energy conservation and environmental protection can be put forward without alienating 98% of the population, and this book seems to do a pretty good job.


  1. My two simple tips are: 1) Don’t be wasteful – you save money too. 2) When buying something that uses energy (fridge, washing machine, car, computer) do a quick mental/back-of-the-envelope calculation to determine the cost of providing it with energy over its life. You may find that buying a more expensive one (if you can afford it now) actually saves you money in the long run.

  2. One place I depart from the tree huggers and such is at the subject of nuclear power. If Murdoc had a magic wand, he’d make most of the evil coal burning plants disappear and replace them each with two nuclear plants. Not sure how the numbers on that would come out, but it seems like a good starting point.

  3. Yeah, that was the stupidest thing the liberals ever did. Of course, most of the anti-nuclear sentiment in this country was stirred up by Soviet spies, as was the whole unilateral nuclear disarmament stupidity. It amazes me how such a relatively small amount of cash can give credibility to causes that are so fundamentally against the interests of this country. Of course, our current trade situation also leaps to mind as an example of such stupidity. At least with that one you look at the fact that one of the countries with whom we have traditionally had a very one sided trade status with owns some of our major media outlets such as NBC, that being Japan. We could really use a Joe McCarthy about now.