Condi’s Stupidest Move Yet:

The US moved quickly to support Kosovo; too quickly if you ask me. I think it was a bad mistake and can’t figure out why we did it other than to back the EU. War is looking like a distinct possibility there, and I doubt the soldiers will be coming from Brussels.



  1. I think she made the right move. The sooner Kosovo is internationally recognized the better and then everyone can move on. Badly drawn borders have caused so much blood shed in the last 100 years. When one side hates the other enough to commit mass murder I don’t think things can possibly get much worse. Countries do not like losing land, look at the arguing between Korea and Japan over some small rocks. And Serbia will be complaining about this for the next 500 years. I don’t think Serbia is ever going to administer Kosovo again. Regardless if they get a seat in the UN or not.

  2. Why do the Albanians warrant a new state, but the Kurds do not? When the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), a US designated terrorist group, attacked the Serbian police and military, the Serbs were not allowed to respond. In fact this led to the NATO bombing in 1999. Today, Kurdish rebels are attacking Turkish troops, and Turkey is allowed to invade northern Iraq. In fact the US is actively pointing out the rebel’s camps to the Turks. Why is Kosovo so pressing that a solution must be made ASAP? The Palestinian issue has been simmering for a while and the US is not chomping at the bit to come up with a solution there. I think the US is sacrificing Serbia to placate muslims over the Israel/Palestian issue. It’s a way to show muslims that we are ‘unbiased.’ In addition, it is rewarding a terrorist group, the KLA, with statehood. To Mr. Johnson, why does mass murder continually come up when discussing the Serbs? As I recall, the 100,00 plus Albanian death figure given during the war in 1999 amounted to fewer than 5,000. Ditto the supposed use of Albanian boys as ‘living blood banks.’ These stories were run to turn public opinion against the Serbs. If anyone cares to read the history you don’t have to go back too far to find Albanians and Croatians siding with the Nazis and helping to kill hundreds of thousands of Serbs. At the turn of the century over 200,000 Serbs where ethnically cleansed by the muslims from Kosovo. Given the small population then, that number was huge in proportion to the overall population. I am not a Serb. I just think they got a raw deal. I wish them well in the future. The Jews waited 2000 years to get Israel back. The Spanish took 700 years to get the Iberian penisula back. And the Mexicans might get back the Soutwest in under 200 years.

  3. Yea our policy has been biased against the Serbs, but I think the Kosovo Independence is a good thing. Take care of it now and get it out of the way. Any argument we should just let it slide a few hundred because others have suffered this is disingenuous at best. Hey! He ax murdered 5 guys, I only ax murdered 3! Get my drift. And good lookin’ out on the post about who the Croats and Albanians swung with during WWII. It’s well worth remembering as so many in the Balkans insist on living in yesterday.

  4. I don’t know about a raw deal. As a (Croatian/Slovanian/Italian/Istrian) American I can personally attest to the fact that being ‘Serbian’ was a ticket to rule during the post WWII Tito Yugoslavia. Part of what you really see is 40 years of birds coming home to roost. The many faces of racism and ethnic hate are the real issue here, not good guys vs. bad guys. Just don’t forget that the Serbians had the power, the tanks, guns and Army at the beginning of the Yugoslavian wars. Their unwillingness to share power post WW2 was a major cause of the break up. The people lost faith in the idea of a Yugoslavian nation and fell back on the ageless ethnic conflicts. Trying to answer the question of why Kosovo and not Kurdistan is like trying to answer the same question about the American Indian Nations, French Quebec or the Confederate States of America. There will always be minor politicos that advocate for a separate nation so they will be the big fish in a smaller pond. They only have an audience when the general population loses faith in their place and opportunity in the larger society. How many white Virginians really feel more loyalty to the CSA over the USA today? Why don’t they? We in America really have to appreciate how lucky we are right now compared to other cultures. You defeat hate and racism by supporting freedom and justice for all, not building walls.

  5. PBaz, Tito was Croatian not Serbian. So I would think he would have treated his own Croatians well. From what I have heard, he encouraged Albanians to cross the border from Albania into Serbia (Kosovo). He is the one who pushed to make Kosovo an autonomous region of Serbia. So I don’t know how much favoritism the Serbs actually got. The Serbs were the majority population of Yugoslavia and probably comprised a majority of the military. It is interesting to note that after the breakup of Yugoslavia, the Serbs, with this military, did not change the population of Kosovo despite the claims of ethnic cleansing. It seems to me they would have been able to at least make it an 80-20 split. The Croatians were more successful in their ethnic cleansing as the 200,000 displaced Serbs from Croatian territory can attest. Operation Storm in 1995 might have been the largest cleansing in Europe in modern times, but because Serbs were the victims most Americans do not know about it. That the Serbs would fight to prevent, first the breakup of Yugoslavia, and secondly the breakup of their own territory, is understandable. This is no different than the North fighting to keep the CSA in the Union. Not only were the Serbs opposed, but Serbs in Bosnia and the Serb-majority enclaves in Kosovo aren’t allowed to break away. So it seems that if an ethnic minority is tied to Serbia, they can declare independence. But ethnic Serbs tied to another state must endure in the status quo. My interest in this issue is peaked because, for the life of me, I cannot see why the West hates the Serbs, especially given their participation throughout the ages against the Ottomans and on our side during WW1 and WW2. Even during the Cold War Yugoslavia was agreeable with US. She stayed out of the Warsaw Pact and attended the 1984 Olympics in LA when the communist block boycotted. Finally, I agree that America has been lucky my friend. We are called a racist nation for our treatment of blacks, but I don’t think we get enough credit for how we have assimilated so many European peoples of different faiths, languages and cultures who were at each other’s throats in Europe. Jews, Germans, Poles, Greeks, Irish, English, Catholics, Protestestants, and Orthodox all get along and in most cases don’t even see each other as different. Ah the benefits of the melting pot. I just hope we are not setting ourselves up to screw the pooch with our new approach to immigrants, especially with the ticking time bomb on the Mexican border.

  6. If anyone is still reading this thread, here is a good article that addresses the original title of this post better than I. The latest Balkan fools are the United States and the European Union, which have rushed in to recognize what Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica rightly calls the ‘fake state of Kosovo.’ Why is it a fake state? Because there are no Kosovars, only Serbs and Albanians. Each group seeks to unite Kosovo with its homeland, historic Serbia or Greater Albania. An independent Kosovo has the half-life of a sub-atomic particle. Full article http://www.military.com/opinion/0,15202,163001,00.html

  7. 11 Bravo, I think the sooner the better. Regardless of who killed who, I think separate states will be better in the long term. They will still hate each other, but at a distance. Any future conflict will have to be of a military nature, which the EU will suppress. The Palestinian situation is different. If they negotiated reasonable borders with Israel I think just about every member of the UN would recognize them. No one expects them to wait 2000 years. But I do take your point. Giving into terrorists, or even being seen to give into terrorists, is very dangerous thing. We have very different views, but it is interesting hearing the other side of the debate.

  8. Sounds like appeasment to me. Yeah, just give Hitler Poland. It’s not going to work. The muslims will take Kosovo and just keep on taking. They’ve done that through out history. If we had any balls, we be helping Serbia keep their nation together, not appeasing the muslims.