Reuters has a report on a destroyed US tank on the highway south of Baghdad. Here’s a link to video (big file). The Iraqis claim that 8 US tanks attacked yesterday, but were all destroyed.

Iraqi officers said the other seven U.S. tanks had also been burned and taken away from the battlefield. This correspondent also saw six or seven burnt Iraqi vehicles at the site, including several military vehicles.

If you look at the video, you can clearly see a hitch-looking bar attached to the front of the tank. Yesterday, there were reports that one of the tanks on the rush through southern Baghdad had been disabled. They towed the damaged unit for a while, but finally had to abandon it for some reason. This morning I saw on TV that we had destroyed the tank ourselves to keep it from being of use to the enemy. This could be that tank. Why else the towing bar (if that’s what it is)?

And about the other seven tanks being “taken away” before they brought the press out to the site? Yeah. Riiiiight.

Update 17:42 6 Apr 2003

FoxNews just replayed some of the footage from yesterday’s foray through southwestern Baghdad, and I saw flames coming out of one of our tanks. I’m not sure if it was the one I mentioned above or not.