But the public has a right to know, you know

Prince Harry in Afghanistan

Harry leaves Afghanistan after media leak

LONDON – British Chief of the Defense Staff Air Chief Marshal Jock Stirrup confirmed Friday that the army will pull Harry out of Afghanistan after news of his deployment there was leaked.

Harry, third in line to the British throne, has been serving on the front line with an army unit in Helmand, one of Afghanistan’s most lawless and barren provinces since mid-December.

Murdoc would like to thank the leakers and especially all the members of the media who helped make this happen.

You’re assholes.


  1. I guess long gone are the days that kings and princes led military campaigns… My first reaction was ‘what a bunch of cowards’ the British military was to hustle the prince out of there. Because he’s in danger? It reveals the British class system in that Harry is somehow better than his mates. While I’m all for opsec, just how long did they think this was going to stay secret. Nobody thought the Brit tabloids would notice his absence? They should have gone public from the beginning and given the British people something to look up to. NOW what sort of message have they sent? Reminds me of some royals in a Monty Python segment: ‘RUN AWAY!!!’

  2. Oh, and While I’m all for opsec, just how long did they think this was going to stay secret. Nobody thought the Brit tabloids would notice his absence? Yes. Everybody thought they would. And they did. And they said nothing.

  3. An Australian Web site got wind of something in January, but not enough to make it stick. German newspaper Bild ran a gossip item on Wednesday, but again the Ministry of Defence hoped the chatter would quickly die down. Until the U.S. Drudge Report blog picked it up. ‘Once Drudge had it, it went global and the agreement was basically over,’ the Ministry of Defence said on Friday. – Yahoo News

    I wonder how much of Harry’s wanting to kill Muslims has to do with the circumstances of his mother’s death? I mean, whether the British royals had Diana killed or not, it was quite embarrassing for them that she was being boinked by a Muslim. I’m sure that wasn’t lost on her kids.

  4. The then Prince of Wales (later Duke of Windsor) visited the front during the First Worl War, brushing off objections from the army about his safety with a comment that he had lots of brothers back home. The Bonapartist Prince Imperial was actually killed during the Zulu Wars, serving with the British Army after his family had gone into exile in the UK after the Franco-Prussian War, during which Napoleon III commanded at Sedan. The later George I of the UK had actually led his army in battle while still only King of Hanover, so I’ve heard (but that’s only a very narrow window between the death of his mother, Sophia of Hanover, and that of Queen Anne). And of course the Stuarts had to do that sort of thing a lot, which was still after the feudal system.