Strike in Somalia

Somalia Map

U.S. says it launched missile attack in Somalia
Pentagon official say military going after al-Qaida suspect in border town

In the strike early Monday, Somali police said three missiles hit a Somali town held by Islamic extremists, destroying a home and seriously injuring eight people.

A local official said

“The town is very tense. People have started fleeing because they fear there might be more attacks.”

I’d really hate for towns sheltering terrorists to be “tense.” Stupid imperialist Americans. Why can’t they just let the terrorists live in peace?

Africa in general and Somalia in particular is going to be the scene of a long and mostly-unknown war against Islamic extremists. Once in a while we’ll get headlines like this, but unless things get kicked up a notch or two, even this sort of story is going to lose the interest of readers and editors after a while.