Fan Mail

Just got this in my inbox:

From: Glenn Pxxxxx
Subject: Life

Get a life. Failed policy by President Bush will be felt for a generation.

It’s always nice to hear from my fans. Keep those cards and letters coming, folks!


  1. Heh, What a D@ckwad. This nation is still paying for the siasters of the Carter and Clinton administrations. Hey Glen, How’s that little excursion to the Balkans doing, eh? In less than 4 years Iraq had a Constitution and 2 rounds of elections. it took more than 10 years for the Islamosts in Kosovo to declare independence. Talk about a quagmire! Bush will go down in history as one of our nations most important leaders vis-a-vis foreign policy, and will be counted amongst the greatest leaders in our histiry. Jimmy and Billy? Not so much…. I hope you choke on your own bile.

  2. Tim, go easy on him, he obviously has a pea-sized brain. I mean, look at all the convincing arguments explaining why Bush’s foreign policy is a failure he loaded into his e-mail.