This article at Global Security says that the big orders for military equipment and supplies haven’t rolled in yet.

Cruise missiles and precision-guided bombs may be dropping on Iraq like a flurry of deadly hailstones. But so far, the 15-day-old war is not translating into a business bonanza for the nation’s defense contractors.
The reason: With the possible exception of the inventory of Tomahawk cruise missiles, which has been depleted by a third in the first two weeks of war, the U.S. military has plenty of weapons in its stockpile.

The article also mentions that we’ve fired about 700 of our 2000 Tomahawk cruise missiles so far, which is far short of the 1000 that the media was reporting on day 2 or 3. Although the Tomahawks now in the inventory cost about $1 million each, replacements will be 40% cheaper.

The Navy, meanwhile, said Thursday it intends to buy 2,194 of the newest Tomahawks over the next six years, at an average cost of about $600,000 each. That’s considerably less expensive than the older versions now being used in the field.

2,194 is about three Iraq wars’ worth. Won’t be enough. I hope we taxpayers get a volume discount.