Venezuela – Columbia


Venezuela moves troops to Colombian border

This just keeps building. Venezuelan troop in the east. Ecuadoran troops in the west. Columbia, which claims it has proof that the guerrilla leader it attacked in Ecuador this past weekend has ties to Chavez, is in the middle.

UPDATE: Austin Bay:

The real news behind South America’s latest border fracas is Colombia’s looming victory in its own narcotics-powered civil war.

This is a victory Colombia’s chief international antagonist, Venezuelan caudillo Hugo Chavez, fears — for several calculating reasons.


  1. Sounds like Chavez has lined up 10 ‘armored’ battalions at the border. Easy meat for B-1’s and B-2’s if the balloon goes up.

  2. I doubt it. If Chavez sends his army into Columbia, who will keep him in power at home? A stray (well guided) bunker-buster might mistakenly fall through his roof if a shooting war started.

  3. This is particularly odd as Chavez is invoking the Rio Treaty on behalf of Ecuador against Columbia….and If he attacks then Columbia will invoke the Rio Treaty against him. We are signatories tio that treaty so in the unlikely event this turns into more than chest beating we are technically obligated to become involved. On a less substantive note: I see that everybody blogging on this seems to be using the EXACT same map excerpt.

  4. Wow, look at this, Bush now, after 7 years of screwing around, believes we need to get off oil.

    President Bush said Wednesday that the United States has to ‘get off oil’ to reduce dependence on foreign suppliers and declared ‘it should be obvious’ that high demand is creating painful gasoline prices. Bush’s assessment was at odds with that from the 13-nation Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, which said before he spoke that it would not put more oil on the global market because crude supplies are plentiful. OPEC President Chakib Khelil told reporters in Vienna, Austria, that the problems in the U.S. economy were a key factor in the cartel’s decision to hold off on any action. ‘There is sufficient supply. There’s plenty of oil there,’ he said. In an address to the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference, Bush said, ‘It should be obvious to you all that the demand is outstripping supply, which causes prices to go up [it has nothing to do with the sinking value of the dollar so don’t even look behind that curtain].’ During a Middle East trip in January, Bush urged OPEC to increase production and help ease soaring gasoline prices. Bush also said on Tuesday that it’s a ‘mistake to have your biggest customers’ economies slowing down as a result of higher energy prices.’ The White House said it disagreed with OPEC’s decision to rebuff that request, and that the oil-producing nations themselves could be hurt as well. ‘OPEC should not be shortsighted about the economic impact of its production decisions,’ White House deputy press secretary Tony Fratto said. Oil prices surged past $104 a barrel for the first time after the OPEC announcement. Gas prices are running over $3 a gallon, and some analysts expect prices to rise to near $4 a gallon as summer driving picks up. Bush’s speech was aimed at touting his administration’s efforts to increase the use of renewable energy sources. – Brietbart

    Ironically, the only reason he’s now looking to get off oil is to take the heat off of his failed trade policies that have the value of the dollar plummeting all around the world. What the hell did he think was going to happen to the price of oil when the bottom started dropping out of the value of the dollar? Oil would get cheaper? Duh. Besides, I thought it was the housing bubble that was tanking our economy? Now it’s the price of oil? What will it be tomorrow? I know the one thing Bush will never acknowledge it has been. He will never blame his and Clinton’s combined efforts at these idiotic ‘free trade’ policies. I wonder how many wars we will have to fight over oil before we get some real energy and trade policies?

  5. The real economy of Venezuela is pretty fucked up now. The country has almost zero industry and commerce, and relies totally on oil. Many products disappeared from the shelves due to the amazing idea of frozen prices to stop the inflation, of course that didnt stop the inflation. Also 30% of what Venezuela imports comes from Colombia, Chavez cant do any harm to Colombia without sinking Venezuela economy even more.

  6. I certainly hope things are worked out diplomatically, I’ve thought Chavez a demogogic idiot for a long time, but is he really stupid enough to start shooting? Hope not.

  7. President Bush has been saying that for three years now. The press just doesn’t bother to report it. Who do you think is pushing the alternative energy policy and the tests on military equipment/aircraft with using substitutes? It is not congress. They are bought and payed for by big oil. By the way, did you know that the Dems are getting more in contributions than the Reps over the last three years? They really do not want to lose their proffets…

  8. I think the best thing Bush has done has been to get some nuke plants started, but don’t kid yourself. If it were just Congress or just the White House we wouldn’t be nearly as screwed as we are now. I can tell you for certain that the defense companies have been diversifying their ‘investments’ too. They like to seem all Republican when it suits them, but lately they’ve been pouring more money into Democrat hands, especially toward Murtha. No doubt that was the only reason he was causing trouble. He wasn’t getting a big enough slice of the pie. This is the kind of thing that happens when your country is all dicked up. We used to be able to keep these places in line. Iraq has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we’re a paper tiger. That’s a stupid thing to do. It only ensures that you’ll have more fights later. Instead these multi-national corporations keep us focused on stupid crap so they can screw us over in a big way. We should be focused on the big picture and the big threats and these little puke holes would pretty much take care of themselves. Too many hands in the till for that to happen today.