Do they mean we have to stop exhaling?

CO2 output must cease altogether, studies warn

Using advanced computer models to factor in deep-sea warming and other aspects of the carbon cycle that naturally creates and removes carbon dioxide (CO2), the scientists, from countries including the United States, Canada and Germany, are delivering a simple message: The world must bring carbon emissions down to near zero to keep temperatures from rising further.

Meanwhile: Pentagon’s environmental variances questioned

The Pentagon hasn’t made the case for exemptions from three environmental laws or provided examples of how military operations have been impeded by them, a congressional report said Friday.


  1. Stop breathing: well, if the zero population people have their way… But it’s a good thing people and our greenhouse gases weren’t around hundreds of millions ago; we might’ve exterminated nearly every form of life on the planet.

  2. I still have questions about the validity of human CO2 production. I’ve read stats on this in a couple sources; showing total CO2 production; CO2 from ‘natural’ sources, and CO2 from human activity. As I recall, human produced CO2 was an incredibly small portion of total CO2 production, leading me to think (if the stats were accurate) claims of human produced CO2 contaminating the atmosphere were WAY exagerated.

  3. Flanker, that’s kind of true, but you have to keep in mind that the natural production is more or less equal to the natural absorption of CO2; systems over time tend to find such stable states. A small amount added, over time, can imbalance this and cause a change in concentration. Having said that, I’m far from convinced that change in concentration will have any dramatic effects. Logic dictates that negative feedbacks dominate or else our climate would be far less stable than it is. Most of the alarmists seem to be assuming there are large positive feedbacks with little evidence, or else their crazy predictions won’t come true. There’s simply too much we don’t know. What causes ice ages and glaciations? How were CO2 levels 3000ppm in the past (nearly ten times what they are today) and yet temperatures during that period varied between being higher and lower than today? Was there a Mediaevil Warm Period and a Little Ice Age and what caused them? Were the 30s really as hot or hotter than the 90s and if so why? Until we can explain these sort of things anything else is just stabbing in the dark.

  4. The little spoken truth in the closet, is that the current weather is an anomaly. The last 10-15K years the weather has been uncommonly stable. The principal stabilizer is believed to be ocean currents which is greatly affected by ocean salinity levels. All that said, historically the a major contributor to weather variations has been driven by volcanic activity. A single volcano can match and greatly exceed all of human output, or even counter all of human output. Drastic cuts in human supplied CO2 levels is unlikely to insure global weather stability. Simply put, human activity is not that great. IMO global warming is a legitimate issue, but its an issue being driven by those who are seeking to alter human culture to match their ideas about how we should live. Its not being driven by a desire to mitigate the human effects on the planet. To be blunt, if we were really trying to ‘save’ the planet we would not be focused no CO2 emissions. Realistically nothing we do will make a significant effect either way. The real issue is address the oceans. The planet is 2/3’s ocean. Everything begins and end with the oceans. Water pollution and over fishing should be the primary issue. Only the ocean has the ability to moderate the weather. The ocean is the greatest heat sink, CO2 sink the earth has. You can make a strong argument that the rise in CO2’s levels can be correlated with level of pollution in the oceans.