IEDs with warning labels!??!?

Marked ‘For Use Vs. Occupation Forces’

Because the bomb makers would just hate it if their weapons accidentally hurt any Iraqi civilians or security forces.


  1. Eh, claymores say ‘front toward enemy’, to eliminate any confusion about where to send a few hundred explosively-driven steel balls. And the few heavy weapons that ever crossed my path had instructions printed on them.

  2. Do you want to be the guy who’s supposed to sort the stacks as they come in? ‘Abu, Allah has willed that five convoys of stolen cars will converge here this very night laden with the instruments of the infidels’destruction. Um, He has also willed that you will be the one to sort the dread weapons by label. It will be a glorious assignment Abu. So…yeah, call me at the falafel stand when you’re done. Actually, scratch that, don’t turn on anything electrical- send a runner.’ One pile of munitions to use against the occupying infidel, another pile for use against ‘traitors’ who work with the occupying infidel, another pile for all enemies of Islam, another pile for strapping to retarded kids, and a final one for ‘other’.