IN THE MAIL: Grand Theft Jesus

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Grand Theft Jesus: The Hijacking of Religion in America by Robert S. Mcelvaine:

–We’re mad as Heaven, and we’re not going to take it anymore!” declares historian Robert McElvaine in this passionate and often hilarious rallying cry for sincere Jesus Followers. He lets the rest of society know that the extreme right wing won’t be allowed to speak for all Christians any longer. His whip-smart, take-no-prisoners polemic lays bare the Christian Right’s –Easy Jesus” creed, in which people who claim to accept Jesus get a free pass to lie in his name. Grand Theft Jesus exposes the televangelists and the leaders of megachurches as the people Jesus warned us about–the wolves in sheep’s clothing of our day.

The religion that McElvaine calls ChristianityLite resembles schemes that promise –Lose weight without diet or exercise!” Its leaders say, –Be saved without sacrifice or good works!” Run by a crew of politicians, megachurch preachers, televangelists, hypocrites, and snake-oil salesmen, it has hijacked true Christianity and distorted it into something Jesus wouldn’t recognize. Its leaders have taken the generous and loving ideals of Christ and twisted them into a religion that advocates war and intolerance, values money above charity, preaches hatred instead of brotherhood, and promises –true” believers the keys to the gates of the kingdom of God–and to the bank vault.


  1. I want everyone to know, this in NO way discourages me from founding my own cult. I intend on being rich, shameless (well, OK………….I already am that), and inundated with bimbos, fast rides (the automotive kind), and every pair of Oakleys known to man. Aim high……………..that’s my motto!

  2. Kevin: Just by asking that, you’ve probably landed yourself on a secondary target list of some sort…

  3. Yeah, Kevin, now draw a cartoon featuring Mohammed and seal your fate. Most churches today teach you what the minimum is you have to do to be ‘saved’. Shouldn’t they be teaching you how to be the best person you can possibly be, instead of teaching you how to just barely stay on the right side of the line for being ‘saved’? I feel sorry for such people because they’ll never know what Christianity is about nor will they be ‘saved’. Here’s the thing, God doesn’t care how many times you had an opportunity to sin and didn’t.

  4. Kevin Already written and plagerized, even parades held. It is called the sunni-shia split at Mohammad’s death. When the politicians hijacked the religion and fought over who the power succession belonged too. That is when they started attributing sayings and laws to Mohammad that were not written in the Koran, to back thier positions. There is even a 10 point grading scale for how likely those laws/sayings are to be true. The more radical adopt any and all of them. They are called Sharia Law…

  5. The book gives you a million reasons why the right has stolen Jesus and done him wrong, but it’s written in such a hateful tone and conveniently forgetting the rest of scripture or even the rest of the Gospels, where Jesus talks about being a rock that makes men stumble. He said, Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. (Luke 12:49). This author hijacks Jesus for the left and tries to make him a political pawn in the same way he accuses the right. This author knows nothing of love, only judgement.