PAYING FOR THE WAR 15:42 5 Apr 2003

The talk about how we’re going to finance the war against Iraq has died down for the time being, and for that I’m glad. As I’ve said before, if the war is necessary, the cost in dollars shouldn’t really matter.

However, I think I’ve just come up with a way to cover a lot of the budget. As quickly as possible, issue DVDs with a lot of the combat footage and interviews. That will bring in some money, but it gets better.

About six months after everyone buys the initial videos, release a “Special Collector’s Edition” with additional footage, commentary tracks, and special behind the scenes featurettes.

Then, just as the invasion of Syria, Iran, and/or North Korea is about to begin, issue the “Ultimate Edition Box Set” completely remastered in THX, with deleted scenes, outtakes, music videos, interviews, multi-angle “Baghdad Incoming” sequence, and DVD-ROM features. Plus maybe a bonus disc with “The War According to Al-Jazeera” alternate reality coverage of the war.