Friday Linkzookery – 21 Mar 2008

India, Russia meet for aircraft carrier talks
Still haggling over the cost of refitting it. Recall that we might be offering the Indians the Kitty Hawk if they change their mind and go with F-18s over MiG-29s.

Inside the Bridge: Behind the scenes of a strike into Pakistan

BMW Diesel Beats Prius in Economy Run
Looks like a long highway drive followed by 100 urban miles had the diesel beat the hybrid by 10%.

Californistan wants to require permits to buy ammo
The push to regulate and ban ammo is picking up steam.

More efficient solar cells through quantum dot nanotechnology
I’ve said many times that I’m skeptical that large-scale solar power plants (at least plants on earth) will provide a significant portion of our energy, but I’d love to be proven wrong.

Lockheed Martin F-35 Succeeds In First Aerial Refueling Test
Refueled from a KC-135.

Scientists puzzled that Ocean is getting colder
The Mystery of Global Warming’s Missing Heat

Gates, Air Force Battle Over Robot Planes
The Air Force is unhappy their role in the Long Global War on Terror isn’t bigger. Oh, and they want more F-22s.

Breaking OPEC’s Grip
The Islamists’ power lies in their control of oil. Our strength is in biomass and coal.

Calif. Woman Slain on the Phone With 911
When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

The Growlers Are Coming Out to Play
First EA-18G squadron will begin training soon.

10 Most Historically Inaccurate Movies
Trying to limit this sort of list to only 10 must have been difficult.


  1. I’m hoping that in 2 or 3 years – the next time I am car shopping – that there are several affordable diesels available. Honda claims theirs will be available in the U.S. soon and they may beat the BMW.

  2. Bram, VW makes very good diesels. Apparently 40% of the cars sold in Europe are diesel. I wanted a diesel passat but they are only selling them in Europe. They have sold them here before and will probably do so again. However, they still sell the diesel Jetta here and it gets great mileage.

  3. Quite impressive how american companies ignored the development of better cleaner diesel engines….

  4. My second car was a 1980 VW diesel Rabbit. Mileage was good and most of the time diesel was cheaper than unleaded. Not often the case these days, but diesel (and biodiesel) certainly seems to be a good option.

  5. If I understand the situation, the EPA set new standards for diesel emissions that were more stringent than Europe and they messed with the contents of diesel fuel sold here. That pretty much killed diesels for a couple of years while car makers adjusted. Hopefully, they will be back soon. Victor – yeah – they need to give up on the ethanol nonsense and get ready for the diesel wave that’s coming.

  6. Hey! My car runs great on ethanol! Sugar cane ethanol, that is. Im brazilian. Corn ethanol is a extreme nonsense indeed. But the support of ethanol makes sense in the light that in less than 10 years, its expected that the process of cellulosic ethanol will become widespread, what will rocket ethanol production.

  7. I’ve pointed out cellulosic ethanol several times here. What I’m hoping to see is the current push toward corn ethanol open the door, both in consumers and producers, for cellulosic ethanol in the long run. I’m hoping I’m not being overly optimistic, and when government subsidies are involved it pays to be pessimistic.

  8. That cellulose derived alcohol is really the thing, especially if they can set up a process that takes the cellulose directly to alcohol without having to break it into sugar and get the bacteria involved in turning that into alcohol. Regarding the attack on ammo, it seems to me that perhaps what we need is a blog that addresses how to make your own at home. Cellulose isn’t hard to come by, nor is nitric acid. If you didn’t want to start at that basic a level, there are many sources of nitrocellulose (the main component of gunpowder), which is the base of most lacquer including airplane dope. Bullets can be swaged with a hydraulic jack. Cases might be the hardest thing to self manufacture, but I don’t know, maybe they can be deep drawn, one by one, out of a sheet of brass without requiring a press the size of a house. It would seem to me to be a worthwhile project. We’re talking 100 year old technology. You’d think something like this homebuilding capability would shut-up the anti-gun Nazis once and for all, especially if you could do it with common house hold equipment. Who knows, it might even lead to some long overdue innovation, which seems to have been squelched by government funded labs for quite a while now.

  9. I would say 90% of the Brits I worked with on my first two tours, owned diesel vehicles of some sort (most small sub 2 liter thingies). There were a much higher percentage of diesel vehicles in Israel/W. Bank (than in the US) too. Be interesting to see how proposed ammo bans play out against a (likely) Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Second Amendment. I suspect, that despite the Court saying states retain the right to regulate firearms to some degree, that outright bans on types of pistols, rifles, & ammo will be struck down as unconstitutional.

  10. I don’t shoot enough to justify loading my own rounds. If the states or the feds really start registering and limiting ammo, I will go and buy all the equipment and materials for .40 and .308 – just so I’m ready for the revolution.

  11. We have been cutting down the rainforest for soy (someone gotta feed the chineses) and cattle. =P Rainforest soil is no good for cane. By far, the biggest producer of ethanol is the state of S+