The new season begins [next] [on a] Friday. Good.

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  1. While it does technically start on A Friday, it does not start THIS Friday. The premiere is April 4th.

  2. Actually, April 4th isn’t next Friday either. 🙂 I have to agree with Eric, I hope this season isn’t as bad a last year’s. They’ve really painted themselves into a corner, and I have low expectations.

  3. ‘Hope the final season is better then the last one.’ I hope it’s just the last season. A Sci-fi soap opera, while slightly better than a regular soap opera, is still a soap opera. Let’s hope they use the money saved by no longer showing this tripe on a Stargate series.

  4. I just read on that the Scifi channel is going to make a two hour Caprica movie and if it does well it will turn it into a series. I hope it is good because I’m really interested in seeing a series that takes place before the machines turned on their masters.

  5. Oh god not Stargate. Stargate SG-1 was just plain dull the last few seasons and Stargate Atlantis I lost interest in it after the first season.