The groundwork is being laid for the invasion of Syria. It looks like there will soon be an opening in the Axis of Evil, and Syria wants in. Bad. It appears that if Saddam doesn’t have SCUDs, it might only be because they’re stashed in Syria. Last week a SCUD-type launcher was spotted in Iraq near the Syrian border.

“We are not sure what kind of launcher it was, but it appeared to be that for the Al Husseini medium-range missile,” an intelligence source said. “The launcher came from and returned to Syria.”
The Al Husseini has a range of 650 kilometers and was launched against Israel in the 1991 Gulf war. Iraq is said to have between 20 and 80 medium-range missiles in its arsenal.

Iraq takes two Soviet-built SCUD missiles and turns them into one “Al Hussein” missile-like contraption.