12:30 5 Apr 2003

I’ve seen reports on TV that US forces have secured the two major highways that head north from Baghdad. However, I can’t seem to find much about it online. Anywhere. Maybe more fog? If it’s true, it’s an incredible manuever. If 3rd ID units raced around to take them, all I can say is “wow.” Someone on TV speculated that perhaps units from the north (173rd AB or units flown into the field that the 173rd secured) could have moved south to cut off escape from Baghdad. That doesn’t seem likely to me, either. That’s a hell of a long way to come, and the last I heard, there still hadn’t been any armored units flown into the north.

Another possibility that I think is only slightly more likely (but it’s mine so I’ll share anyway) would be forces from the WESTERN FRONT. Remember those reports of the II Marine Expeditionary Force in Jordan? Maybe they’ve entered the area, perhaps via the H2 and H3 airfields in the far west of Iraq. Just a thought. We’ll see.

Update 21:06 5 Apr 2003

I haven’t seen or heard another word about this, either online or on TV. I’m writing it off as fog.