MN Protest

Michael Moore is a Loser featured this on their front page a couple of days ago:

Mission Accomplished!
Hundreds of Minnesota students rally, shut down
military recruitment stations, 16 arrested

It eventually links to this story in the MInnesota Daily: More than 200 students rally on campus against Iraq War, Sixteen people were arrested for offenses stemming from the protest.

So, if charges against some of those 16 students hold up, will Moore suppose that their actions were “inaccurate“?

What? It doesn’t work that way?

The story includes:

Joe Schweigert said he came to show support for his fellow Macalester students.

“Especially after five years, it’s important for dissident opinions to come forward,” he said.

Schweigert said closing the center for one day probably wouldn’t result in big changes, but added that it was “a very important figurative gesture.”

“The fact that there are kids willing and able to sit out here says a lot,” he said.

A) “An important figurative gesture”? Um, if it doesn’t “result in big changes,” how important could it really be?

B) I sure am impressed that some kids were willing to sit out there. It says a lot. A lot about how Thursday classes didn’t seem as interesting as protesting. Do it again during Spring Break and maybe someone will think you’re something besides a bunch of class cutters.

C) Speaking of kids saying a lot, how about the kids joining the US military? Somehow a bunch of college students skipping class to sit down says more than someone serving their country during a time of war? If you’re a college student making a big gesture at a sit in, I’m sure it feels like it.

D) The military continues to meet its recruiting goals, even with accelerated increases to add a few brigades.

Today features:

Five-Year Itch
“What you’re seeing now is a growing
radicalization against the war.”

Are protests and such really “growing” much? I guess I haven’t really seen it. Being five years later, if the radicals were really gaining momentum I would have thought it would look obvious. But it doesn’t.

And something else I meant to point out last time we discussed Mr. Moore: Remember when the story I linked to included this?

Moore said he hasn’t lost a lawsuit in 17 years of film-making, which shows his movies are accurate.

Back in 2003 I pointed out that

Michael Moore has altered a fictitious caption he inserted into a Bush-Quayle campaign commercial in his “documentary” Bowling for Columbine.

Why did he alter that caption? He didn’t lose a lawsuit, did he? And, therefore, his film was accurate.

Or maybe he was just lying again.


  1. That Michael Moore is allowed to live, speak as he wishes, as well as enourmously prosper off the ignorance of our society is a testament to the fact that his kind will NEVER have any real impact on our nation. If his kind did make a difference in the world, America would no longer be here proclaiming the free speech rights he so disgracefully abuses.

  2. I remmber every year at my school was a big to-do about homelessness…I guess it was…that had a coupla dozen undergrads set up tents on campus and sleep outside for a night or two. Supposed to raise awareness about it or something, I dunno. But my awareness of the self-satisfaction of those kids was certainly raise, tell you that.

  3. Macalester? Believe me, few people in MN care what 10 Macalester students with chains think. And if we do, let’s head over to campus tonight, get stoned with them and giggled about the ‘rally.’ I think Murdoc nails it with point C.