Hillary’s sniper rifle

I haven’t even bothered posting on the whole “I remember landing under sniper fire” thing because A) I guess I don’t know that it really matters all that much and B) It’s unbridled jackassery.

But a few new pieces of evidence have surfaced that I probably ought to point out.

First we have the HRC-47 Sniper Rifle. It’s deadly accurate, though I don’t know that it needs to be more than a single shot.

Secondly, we have a bit of video that appears to exonerate Hillary. Seeing this, it is suddenly clear how modern editing tools could be used to make the violence of a nation at war appear to be peaceful and harmonious.


  1. Excellent video! LOL! PS: Did I ever mention the time I saved Kid Rock’s life on that USO tour in Afghanistan? .)

  2. Isn’t it great watching the mainstream news outlets do the same thing to Hillary they used to only pull on Republicans? If she was running against McCain, you’d only see that video footage of her in Bosnia on YouTube. If she’s running against Obama the gloves are off. They’re not biased, though.