RA-5C Vigilante

RA-5C Vigilante

A three-quarter portside aerial view of an RA-5C Vigilante aircraft, Reconnaissance Attack Squadron 7 (RVAH-7) known as the “Peacemakers of the Fleet” and was assigned to the USS RANGER (CV 61) from February 21 to September 22, 1979. This photograph may show the Vigilante’s last flight, since all Vigilante aircraft were officially retired in September 1979 and the RVAH-7 was officially decommissioned in October 1979.

Was reminded of this plane by reading “Thai Boom” by R.R. “Boom” Powell in a recent Flights & Fancy column in Air & Space magazine. It appears that the column was once online but is no longer. If I find it I’ll link.

In the meantime, enjoy this awesome shot of the Vigilante.


  1. What a schockingly un-PC name for a piece of American military hardware. I hope the pilots underwent sensitivity training before being assigned to these…ahem, Vigilante…units.

  2. You think thats bad. The original mission of the Vigilante wasn’t recon. That puppy was a high speed nuke delivery system. Now THATS ‘un-PC’

  3. It was even more Un-PC than that. It pooped the bomb out it’s butt! It had a linear Bombay that dropped ordnance out from an opening in the faring between the exhausts of its engines in the rear.