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The UK’s Independent: USA 2008: The Great Depression

Now, I live in Michigan and have been seeing worse than most of the country for the past few years. But I need to see a lot more before I start using the word “depression.”

As Glenn Reynolds said:

I remember my grandparents’ stories of the Depression, and they didn’t include cable or big-screen TVs.

Lou Minatti points out that the article notes that the US unemployment rate may reach 5%. And that politicians in the UK (the source of the article, remember) are “crowing about their 5.2% unemployment rate.”

Perspective, people.


  1. My thoughts exactly- perspective. Let me know when poor kids are chronically skinny and businessmen are selling apples in the street. It’s hard for me to take this sort of thing seriously with my grandparents’ stories of the Depression still clear in my mind.

  2. IMO it’s talk like this which contributes to causing depressions. Reckless. The more people are convinced that the economy sucks by MSM fools, the less confidence they have. The less confidence they have the less money they will spend etc. Sure, it’s probably not going to screw up the economy all by itself but it sure doesn’t help…