Mega Millions Winner to Ford: DROP DEAD

David Sneath worked in a Ford Motor Company parts warehouse fro 34 years, but didn’t take much time leaving after winning $136 million in the lottery.

“I yelled to the boss, ‘I’m out of here,”‘ the Livonia man said Thursday after coming to state Lottery Bureau headquarters in downtown Lansing to pick up his first $1 million check.

And then there’s this:

Despite his longtime association with Ford, he said he won’t be using any of the money to buy one of his former employer’s vehicles.

“I worked for Ford Motor Company,” he said. “I won’t be buying a Ford product.”

Quality is job one.

UPDATE: Major oops on the part of the AP, here.


  1. I hope he doesn’t have too many ‘long lost relatives and new friends’ showing up at his door. I would never quickly advertise winning a lottery. Only after getting competent money and tax help in setting things up. Set up a secure trust fund…maybe even one ‘Built Ford Tough!’

  2. I ought to show this to my boss. All our company vehicles are Fords…we keep trying to get him to switch to Chevy or GMC…hmmm, maybe even Tundra’s since the factory is the other side of San Antonio from us…

  3. Yeah, Ford sucks. Back when we were fighting against the Japanese in WW2, they were building tanks and airplanes so we could win the war against the very country who makes us our Lexuses now. Bastards! And it’s not like they’re losing market share because Japan artificially lowers the prices of targeted goods through currency and other trade manipulations — oh, ok, it is, but hell, these companies have it coming to them. After all, they hire UNION LABOR. If you don’t hate union labor more than you love your country, you are clearly not a good Republican. Speaking of which brings to mind this breaking story. It looks like Bob Barr is going to be the Libertarian Presidential candidate. I don’t want to hear about how he’s going to steal votes from McCain. McCain is DOA. He will ride Bush’s 28% approval rating right into the toilet. Voting for him is throwing away your ballot. Voting for Barr sure beats the heck out of having to vote for Obama.

  4. Dfens: Defending Ford unconditionally (it seems) because they built military hardware in WW2 is retarded. And don’t pretend that the only reason a lot of folks dislike the Big Three is because of the unions. Foreign car sales in the US benefit from trade and government policies? That’s a good one.

  5. I believe Murdoc owes the American worker a correction. As the AP story now reads:

    Sneath said he doesn’t have any big plans for the money, but noted none will go toward buying a big, new foreign car. ‘I worked for Ford Motor Co.,’ he said. ‘I won’t be buying a foreign product.’ – AP

    Interesting the way the foreign owned Fox News didn’t pick up that part of the corrected story. They simply deleted the false ‘I won’t be buying a Ford product,’ statment. Nice touch, don’t you think?