Charlton Heston died

Breaking news: Oscar-winning actor played larger-than-life figures

We’ll see if his work with the NRA gets much attention. I imagine someone will make fun of him for it, though.

My favorite Heston film is probably Ben-Hur. I watched Planet of the Apes with my son a few weeks ago. Just today I was looking at the Planet of the Apes Legacy Collection and noticing that it’s not a bad deal, even considering the quality of most of the rest of the films.


  1. I’m sorry to hear that. Heston was always one of my favorite actors when I was a kid; gosh only knows there are few enough in PCwood to stand up for anything other than free speach and bizarre behavior, so Heston certainly earned my respedct and gratitude for stepping up to the plate for all of us. God bless him!

  2. Sometimes it seems like I’m the only one who liked Omega Man better than Ben Hur.