K2 Porcupine by PentagonLight

Got this baby in the mail a few weeks back and have been playing around with it a bit. The K2 Porcupine Light by PentagonLight is a 70 lumen xenon with an, um, twist ending:

K2 Porcupine Light Spikes Close-Up

Unlike ordinary tactical lights with crenellated bezel that can often inflict unnecessary harms to oneself, K2 features sharpened spikes around the bezel that protrude outward only when the spike protector is lowered. With the spikes protected when not needed, the fast turn threading allows the rapid retraction of the spike protector. These spikes are sharpened far more than those ordinary crenellated bezel light. Together with its powerful 70-lumen eye-blinding white light, the sharpened retractable spikes make K2 a powerful self defense tool.

Below is a quick video of the K2 Porcupine in action:

Gizmodo called it an “all-in-one gadget for the frightened” and said “I’ve got no idea who’d carry this creepy thing around: I guess you’d have to be pretty scared indeed if something like this in your bag made you feel safer.

Bill Quick at Daily Pundit responded with

In case you’re wondering where the mother-lode of namby-pansy gun-fearing wussiness comes from, behold it here in all its florid, fevered glory.

Only –frightened” people would want a flashlight that might be useful in self-defense. It’s a –creepy thing,” and you’d –have to be pretty scared indeed” to even think such a thing might make you feel safer (than what? Having cops perpetually five minutes away when you actually need them?).

Look. First of all, a powerful flashlight can be a weapon indeed if used properly. It can blind an attacker for a moment, giving you a chance to escape. If there’s no opportunity for escape, you’ve got a split second to do something before your semi-blinded attacker regains his wits, and hitting him might not be a bad idea. Even better if you can hit him with something sharp. Bonus points if you don’t have to look around for it first.

Using a flashlight for personal defense in a dangerous situation certainly isn’t ideal, but one does what one has to. Perhaps you want to visit one of the gun-free-zones that seem to attract mass murders. Maybe you just don’t feel comfortable carrying a gun. Maybe you have no intention or ability to ever carry a gun, but still would like to be armed with more than hope in the event things go south.

Whatever the reason, a good light can be a good friend. And if your friend is multi-functional, so much the better.


  1. Surefire has flashlight with a similar bezel surrounding the lens, as well as their E2 which has the strike bezel toward the rear of the flashlight. I think TSA is becoming wise to some of these flashlights, although a lot of folks have reported they haven’t had too much trouble carrying them aboard flights. Still, something to be aware of as you’re going through security, unless you want to make a contribution to the TSA amnesty box.

  2. The thing about the K2 compared to the SureFire (and no, I’m not going to knock SureFire…are you nuts?) is that the K2 Porcupine allows you to twist a cover up to shield the strike bezel. Sort of putting the flashlight ‘on safe,’ if you will. I don’t think that SureFire has anything like that right now. (If I’m wrong point me in the right direction…) So it’s not cutting or hanging on you or in your pockets but is there when you need it. Oh, and it doesn’t look threatening when you don’t want it to. See a couple more pictures showing it ‘open’ and ‘closed’ over at GunPundit.

  3. That’s a nice feature, for sure. One of the beefs people have with the Surefire with that same design is that it snags and rips up clothing.