‘We, the Sadrists, are in a predicament’

Could be HUGE news: Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish Parties Close Ranks Against Al-Sadr’s Movement in Iraq

Iraq’s major Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish parties have closed ranks to force anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr to disband his Mahdi Army militia or leave politics, lawmakers and officials involved in the effort said Sunday.

Such a bold move risks a violent backlash by al-Sadr’s Shiite militia. But if it succeeds it could cause a major realignment of Iraq’s political landscape.

The first step will be adding language to a draft election bill banning parties that operate militias from fielding candidates in provincial balloting this fall, the officials and lawmakers said. The government intends to send the draft to parliament within days and hopes to win approval within weeks.

“We, the Sadrists, are in a predicament,” lawmaker Hassan al-Rubaie said Sunday. “Even the blocs that had in the past supported us are now against us and we cannot stop them from taking action against us in parliament.”

No doubt this will be spun as yet another win by Sadr.

UPDATE: Dave Price: This Is What Real Political Progress Looks Like


  1. Actually, they are trying to spin this as the start of establishing a Hitler style dictatorship. The role reversal in this revisionest history is amusing to this student of history… (JAM is more like Sadr’s version of brownshirts and GoI is stronger than Weimar Republic.) From LWJ comments: Commenter: Del Wasso By what right, or law, does Iraq have to outlaw Iraqi political parties, or ban Iraqi citizens from voting? By the right and authority of a DICTATOR. And THAT is what Americans are now dying for. It was EXACTLY this type of ”legislation” that enabled the rise of Adolph Hitler.

  2. An interesting line in the article, ‘Kurdish lawmaker Mahmoud Othman said the Sadrists must either disband the militia ‘or face the Americans.’ He was alluding to the possibility of full-scale U.S. military involvement if al-Sadr refuses to disband his militia and the government decides to disarm it by force’ Its a good thing the ‘surge’ failed otherwise people might think the ‘face the Americans’ line was threat.