That sort of dissent is unpopular

UPDATE: The girl was lying.

Student Attacked by Classmates Because of Anti-Immigration Sign

Melanie Bowers

Homework can be dangerous:

Melanie Bowers, 13, was told to make a protest sign for or against an issue for her U.S. history class. So, she came to school March 31st with a sign that said “If you love our nation, stop illegal immigration.”

My guess is that isn’t the sort of protest that they meant. They meant acceptable protests, like “Impeach Bush,” “Christians Are Totally Stupid,” or “Eat the Rich.” My guess is that any of those would NOT have resulted in physical violence. But Melanie’s sign got her just that.

The girl’s father, J.R. Bowers, says his eighth-grade daughter was attacked last Friday in a hallway. She suffered scrapes and bruises and later needed medical attention.

“I don’t know any of these people,” Melanie says. “He jumped on my back and he put me in a chokehold thing, like that. And we have brick walls in the middle school, he slid my face on the brick wall.”

Melanie Bowers also claims some boys threatened to rape and kill her. The family also says she was ordered back to class and was not allowed to call her parents.

Now, we don’t know how accurate the claims are and I don’t want to jump to conclusions. But I’ve got to think the school’s reaction is more troubling than the attack, if that can be believed.

Her family is keeping her out of school until the issue is resolved. Physical attacks? Threats to rape and kill? My daughter would never be going back if that happened.

In the end, this will be held up as an example of intolerance by a white American citizen.

Next time, draw people smiling, dogs running, and rainbows. They don’t have meetings about rainbows.


  1. Hell, we have too much LEGAL immigration. I thought liberals were only trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights. Hmm, I think I’m starting to see a pattern here. Funny how the Nazis were socialists, just like liberals in this country.

  2. Reading the comments on the article, it sounds like pro-illegal immigration signs with slogans like ‘Brown power!’ have now started appearing at the school. The girl is very reasonably being kept out of the school by her parents, due to the rape and death threats from students that are still attending. The school is now talking about taking action against her for her absenteeism. Hopefuly this will make bigger news in the coming days. Maybe she will play a small part in stopping the illegal immigration she’s protesting.

  3. According to the discussion thread, the FBI has been called in to investigate this as a hate crime. (Random internet chat, take it for what it’s worth.)

  4. I wonder if that means they’ll be investigating this poor girl for committing a ‘hate crime’? According to W’s definition, she’s a racist vigilante just like the Minutemen. I’m surprised the Republican National Committee hasn’t sent attack dog, Linda Chavez, after her. Sounds like that school must be a ‘gun free zone’ though. Otherwise if someone attacked this girl and threated to rape her, she could blow his sorry ass away. Gun control is all about the victims, that is, they’re all about making as many people victims as possible.

  5. Dfens, you’re right, it looks like she may be investigated for hate crimes. Seeing as she allegedly made the whole thing up. Sheesh…

  6. I was in high school in the 1980s. I remember illegal immigration was just starting to become an issue. A teacher told us that unless something was done soon, we would never be able to stop it. He told us once hispanics reached 10% or so of the population, it would be near impossible because of the political implications. I guess he was right. I did not believe him then. I just could not fathom how 10% of the population could have their way. I always thought you needed a majority to get something done. In actuality I have noticed that 10% seems to be the magic number. In fact it took only 10% of the colonists to fight for our independence.