The girl was lying

Melanie Bowers, the 13-year-old student who claimed she was beaten up and threatened with rape and death over an anti illegal immigration poster was lying lying lying:

After Melanie’s accusations, administrators reviewed school survellience videotape of the incident – which, instead of showing students beating or attacking her, showed Bowers scratching herself on her arms, face, and neck, and walking through the halls of the school calmly long after she claimed the incident happened.

After Melanie’s parents were presented with that information and the video, the school confronted Melanie, and she admitted that she made the story up.

Good idea. Make up stories. Get on the news. That will only be with your for…oh, I don’t know…the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

From now on, whenever anyone googles Melanie Bowers (like prospective employers and boyfriends), they will find out she’s that stupid girl who is a liar.


UPDATE: Forgot the link.


  1. What Murdoc, no apology from you for what you implied about the school district and liberal America? BTW, I didn’t really expect one but I gotta call you out on it – I mean, who’s the intolerant one here? In the end, this will be held up as an example of intolerance by a white American citizen. Next time, draw people smiling, dogs running, and rainbows. They don’t have meetings about rainbows.

  2. Hunter: Yes, I am indeed very sorry that the girl lied. I glad it was a lie, as it means that an ugly incident didn’t happen. I pointed out that the facts weren’t in and that conclusions shouldn’t be jumped to. I posted an update to the original post and a new post immediately upon finding out more info that invalidated the earlier report. I wasn’t terribly forgiving of the girl who made up the story. Not sure what else to do. I guess I think immediate corrections and completely reversing course on who’s at fault would be plenty, as it’s about 5000% more than I see from the pro-illegal immigration crowd and the moronic zero tolerance squads in schools. BTW, if you’re calling me intolerant you apparently haven’t met many intolerant people.

  3. Yeah, Hunter, this makes illegal immigration ok, just like Tawana Brawley made racisim ok, right? Idiot. The ends do no justify the means, no matter how right you think the cause.

  4. Incidentally, regarding the snipped Hunter quoted about the sign? The sign was really taken away and three students were suspended for taking it. So she probably should have drawn rainbows, bunnies, President Bush with a swastika, or something else socially acceptable that wouldn’t have angered other students. Can’t have provocative protest posters, now.

  5. Oh, hunter. You forgot to quote in your post. I think this is the quote from Murdoc’s original post you meant to include: ‘Now, we don’t know how accurate the claims are and I don’t want to jump to conclusions. But I’ve got to think the school’s reaction is more troubling than the attack, if that can be believed.’ Let’s see: ‘…don’t know how acurate…’, ‘…don’t want to jump to conclusions…’ and ‘…if that can be believed.’ You’re right, this will be held up as an example of intolerance by a white American citizen. In what way does that make folks that are against illegal behavior in our nation any less right? None. She’s making the problem worse. The problem is still there, and it needs to be addressed. Her wrongness doesn’t make anyone else’s wrongness any less wrong. And they *ARE* wrong, in every possible way. On a related note… Can you BELIEVE that I found something worth reading on!? I go there, right along with Democratic Underground and Daily Kos, to see the worst and most hateful of America perform for my amusement. Then I come across this Democratic-sponsored immigration reform bill that (according to the FR article only) I pretty much agree with whole-heartedly!