In the Shadow of the Moon

Been real busy this weekend, but I did take the time to check out In the Shadow of the Moon. This is a great documentary based mostly on interviews with many of the Apollo astronauts and filled with tons of great footage, much of which I had not seen before.

In the Shadow of the Moon DVD

I had mentioned the film in Linkzookery last September, but if it made it to this area during its limited theatrical run, I missed it. It was just released on DVD and I gotta say that its a good one.

One thing I must recommend is that you watch the bonus interviews in the special features of the disc. There is nearly an hour of additional material in there that’s definitely worth seeing and hearing. A couple of the sequences are “extended cuts” of sequences that were in the film, but most of them were cut entirely.

Michael Collins is probably the star of the show, but all of the astronauts were great. This is a very well made documentary and, though I’ve done a lot of reading and watching shows about the space program, it covered a lot of stuff that I was unfamiliar with or had not known much about.

Hard to believe we could do all of that in 1969. Let’s see what we do in 2009.

Official site here.


  1. Myrdoc, I am also a child of the Space Age, and I am very bitter about how things turned out. I watched and followed all the missions, from Alan Shepard through SkyLab and up untill today. My room was covered in posters and photographs of space craft, astronauts, equipment, etc. When I was in the Navy, I applied for entry into the Mission Specialist program for the shuttle, and made it through until the second round of applicants. Thus endeth the dream of space flight… sigh… however I kept following things and still do today. As I said, though, I am very bitter about how the space program lost it’s way and got blinf-sided by both internal and external politics. We went to the moon 40 years ago, and we should have already been to Mars. We have wasted untold amounts of lives and treasure building a floating junk pile that always seems top need more parts, more fixes, more thia and that, but doesn’t seem to actually DO anything useful. Ah well. Maybe some more coffee will help 🙂 I’ll be getting this CVC. I love all of these rograms, and still have a couple boxes full of stuff from my childhood. Maybe it’s time to dust them off and enjoy the memories of when we were REALLY a great space-faring nation. Respects,