So simple even a single mom could do it

It’s like the whole world became the Lifetime channel!

I have said for some time that I am tired of the way men are depicted in ad campaigns — clearly, I am not alone. While any single commercial with goofy guys or clueless dads may get a laugh or two, there is a long-term cost at the subconscious level.

Oddly, as someone who usually has opinions and stuff about just about everything, I don’t often get all offended by television commercials (or sitcoms) that bash men and fathers or make them look like dolts. Sometimes I do comment about how it would be received if they made the same commercial with a mom or woman looking like an idiot, and (unsurprisingly) those around me think it’s a stupid question.

Sort of like “so simple even a therapist could use it,” I guess. It just doesn’t make any sense to them, with the implication being that men’s simpleness is understood by all.

But I guess I don’t worry too much about the unfairness. Maybe I should, because the reactions I get when I point out the unfairness illustrates how ingrained the unfair concept has become. But they’re television commercials. They’re supposed to be retarded. Anyone actually influenced by a television commercial is suspect.

Unfortunately, that appears to be way too many people these days.


  1. Bill Burr was on O&A a while back – he pointed out the same thing. Every guy in a sitcom or commercial is depicted as a retard. I don’t watch many sitcoms, but I do notice it in commercials. I don’t have a clip of that show – just his sight: