XM8 and friends in the news

Looks like the assault rifle shoot-off finally made the big media:

Wars, guns and money.


  1. There’s not a weapon out there that’s significantly better than the M4,’ says Col. Robert Radcliffe, director of combat developments at the Army Infantry Center in Fort Benning, Ga. COL Radcliffe is a liar. Our troops, the people putting their lives on the line, deserve better.

  2. Thats the buracracy for you. Dont forget that because of their stance on the 416, the Deltas just recently had them yanked from inventory and are having them replaced with older M4s…not the A3 model with most of the kinks out of it, but the older, more flawed version with the crappy ‘burst fire’ trigger mech. Looks like they pissed in someone’s pool

  3. Dont forget that because of their stance on the 416, the Deltas just recently had them yanked from inventory and are having them replaced with older M4s…not the A3 model with most of the kinks out of it, but the older, more flawed version with the crappy ‘burst fire’ trigger mech. Looks like they pissed in someone’s pool’ Do you have a link to this? I hadn’t heard anything like that.

  4. Perfect. The two will complement each other. One for the open range and the other for up close and personal. I like it.

  5. There was an article in the Detroit News yesterday about some Sendator or Legisature giving the military a hard time about the M4, because of constituent/soldier complaints aobut it. The mil spokesperson poo pooed the whole thing with that lame @$$ ‘nothing is better out there than the M16/M4’ crap. I’m really glad to see, my old civil service agency didn’t get all the good employees, after all. I’ll second the vote for the Masada in 6.8 x 43 as the logical replacement for the M16/M4…………the XM8, H & K 416 or G36 would all be good choices too.

  6. Modernizing the plant while trying to maintain quality and meet deliveries has been a challenge,’ says James Battaglini, Colt’s chief operating officer. Translation: We-

  7. Oops, sorry, should have posted this link http://www.defensereview.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1111 I would not call a weapon designed by an inactive Marine (Masada/ACR) a prissy popgun just because it fires the 5.56 NATO…especially since it can be rechambered for stuff as big as .50 Beowulf by only swapping the barrel, bolt, and magazine, which can all be done without tools. As someone else said, it would be nice to have everyone carry a [M2 HMG] but thats just not practical. I’d say go with 6.5 Grendel, 6.8SPC, 6.5 MPC, or something in that range. More bang for the buck…so to speak.

  8. 6.5 mm bores and up have been used fairly successfully in the past. They tend to be large enough not to get fouled too quickly and don’t need a rediculous amount of cleaning to function. There are two main reasons I’m against small bores, though. For one thing, we have sabots. If there is really a big advantage to firing a small bullet, it can be fired from a big bore barrel just as well as a small bore. Sure you have to have a faster twist, but the sabot slides through the big bore with much less energy and causes much less barrel heating. I don’t see a down side to taking advantage of this capability. Second, if you look at the recoil absorbing technology used in the Barrat .50 cal, why is that not being applied to infantry weapons? If a sniper can fire a huge .50 cal, why is the technology not being applied to allow the infantry man to fire a .338 Mag? It doesn’t make sense. In the past we tried to maximize their firepower. Today we are so worried about collateral damage that we make the infantry man a sitting duck. But that’s ok, because we are a big country and don’t want to offend any small countries whose governments we depose? I just don’t get it.

  9. Have you seen the size of a Barrett? Good grief. Besides, all it is, is a recoil operated delayed blowback system (moving barrel soaks up some of the recoil) with a HUGE AR style buffer in the back end. The .338 is over kill for the average soldier, not to mention that you can only carry a limited amount due to bulk. Take it from someone who switched from an HK91 (Civvy G3) to an AR15 variant, 300 rounds of 5.56 is alot easier to pack around than 160 rounds of 7.62 Nato and takes up less room. Only problem is that its just not effective enough…its too much of a compromise. A high BC 6.5 or 6mm backed by a SLIGHTLY bigger charge than the 5.56 shows a dramatic increase in performance, without having to build your weapong like a tank cannon to handle the recoil and pressures involved.

  10. The Winchester Magnum series of cartridges were designed to fit an action the same size as one that will handle a 30.06. I’ve seen 8×57 Mausers converted to .300 Winchester Magnum that didn’t weigh an ounce more than the original gun. The belted magnum case has all the advantages of a rimmed cartridge with respect to headspace, but fits into a relatively straight magazine. The magnum shoots a bullet at greater than the velocities of a .223 with the impact energy of a mack truck. How many years have we heard those stories about how it is all about velocity? A certain amount of that crap is true. The bigger the diameter of the bullet at those high velocities the greater the shock damage to the tissue. A magnum causes unbelievable damage to a human target. It is a demoralizing weapon that strikes fear into the heart of the enemy. No one wants to be shot with one of those. You can literally take someone’s hand off by hitting a finger. It cannot be stopped by body armor or a reinforced concrete wall. It is a weapon that delivers a message better even than it delivers a bullet. I see no reason to accept less.

  11. Before u read my comment,pl go to http://www.dtic.mil/ndia/2004arms/session3/arvid sson.pdf Singapore Squad Support Weapon,a combination of rifle and grenade launcher,is almost reach the stage of mass production.It is a much smaller version of XM 29. Singapore SAR 21 may be the answer.You may laugh.Many SAR 21 have been sold in US for couple of years.SAR 21 is the only rifle with built in laser and optics sight and need no zeroing,with very light rebound.Even small built Chinese lady can shoot it comfortably.Pl read Jane’s review summary : ”Based upon our brief testing, we found the SAR-21 to give every indication of having the potential to be one of the world’s best combat rifles. Although STKinetics makes a point of noting that the rifle and its controls are sized for Asian men whose bodies are typically smaller than their western counterparts, we found the rifle to be extremely comfortable to shoot. ” http://www.janes.com/defence/land_forces/news/id r/idr000531_2_n.shtml http://www.stengg.com/CoyCapPro/detail.aspx?pdid =133 Spore’s Ulitimax 100 LMG,the lightest LMG in the world for 20 years. http://www.stengg.com/CoyCapPro/detail.aspx?pdid =134 Do you know the Singapore’s bird flu test kits are used in the 7 th Fleet?Spore maths test books are just approved used in CA. There are few things Spore can share. I know it is politically incorrect to use small country’s rifle carrying by every single US soldier.But do you prefer the family of the fallen soldiers crying when the body brought back or do you prefer the soldiers has a better chance to survive? The moms of many US soldiers would thanks for people to do right things,now, to protect their sons. The life of US soldiers are far more important than country glory. I know the chance of SAR 21 is very slim even some people propose it to replace M4. History will remember people who do the correct things,but not the people who do things politically correct. I hope the best rifle will be chosen,even it is not SAR 21!!