Complusory Service

Jay Tea on Drafty Reasoning:

I find myself wondering if those who are pushing for the return of the draft are willing to say that it was a mistake to abolish it in the first place over 30 years ago, and those who fought — and won — to do so were terribly wrong.

Yah. Right.


  1. Blackwater is against reinstating the draft and so am I. It’s getting so a foreign owned mercinary contractor can hardly make an honest buck today. I don’t know what the hell you people are thinking.

  2. There are good arguments for and against the draft. All this from a guy who had to register in 1972 and was rated 4F (if you know what that means……………..your beard is grey! LOL!) I think the quality of military personnel has risen drastically from back then for two primary reasons. First of which, is the military isn’t drafting losers from the lower two eligibility categories, and secondly, that the volunteers being taken are only from the top two eligible categories. That’s a good thing. And so is our military overall. It’s not a good thing that most (and not just draft age people) are comfortable with not feeling any obligation to their fellow citizens to serve in some capacity, as there is some merit, to Heinlein’s argument that if you haven’t served, you don’t really understand or appreciate the price and nature of freedom. Having said that, there is obviously no room in the military for everyone who ‘could’ serve. If the draft were reinstituted, it would have to be along Israeli lines of national service, the military option and then a bunch of other ‘national service’ stuff. Perhaps the Feds could assign some NS personnel to transport all the illegal aliens in the country to San Francisco; who seems to think they’re entitled to all the perks and priviledges of our country. I would also observe, that though you (Dfens) are certainly entitled to your opinion, so are all the guys (including Management) at Blackwater…………….most of whom have served their country prior to their current endevors. Something I haven’t done……….despite voluteering twice (that damn 4F thing again!).

  3. Oh yeah. Blackwater is just what we need because all our enemies are small, third world nations. We don’t have any big enemies any more. They all love us. Hell, let’s shrink our Army even more. That way we can buy more new super high tech weapons. Where’s Rumsfeld when you need him?

  4. In regards to the draft, it pisses me off for some clueless colds (left or right) who seem to have forgotten many of those who have fought, bled and died in our various wars were drafted. And that most draftees did a damn good job of it. I served in the National Guard or Active Army reserves from 1952 to 1959 and during this time I attended the Advanced NCO School at Ft, Benning, GA. In 1959, joined the regular army and became a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne at Ft. Campbell, Ky. So I was in the military with draftees and many of them were damn good soldiers. PERIOD! In my view, the draft should have never been stopped. Military training is good for everyone and it would give us a lot of people who could be called back in. Look at Israel, EVERY body who is able to be drafted IS drafted and trained. I have no idea who the fools were who made reserve and National Guard units take the place of Active duty units as that was not, and should not be their function. The continual deployment of these forces is counter-productive. Our regular forces should have sufficient strength to handle Iraq, Afganastan and two or three other wars. Crap, look at North Korea with a smaller population than California. They have around SEVEN MILLION people in their armed forces. So do not tell me the US could not have a few million more in our military than we do now. (And Gee, we PLAN to climb to a whoile 547,000 soldiers by 2010. WOW!!) HELLO? There are ONE HUNDRED MILLION (100,000,000) Moslem Fanatics who have pledged to bin Laden to Fight, KILL and Die to help him and the rest of his ilk establish a world wide Caliphate. It is NOT time to be ‘thinking; about our reinstating the draft, rather is is damn well PAST TIME we should have already done it. >>>Posted for Neil by Murdoc

  5. The problem is there are no conservatives any more. If there were, we would remember our history because there would be a reason to remember. Today there are only special interest groups and businesses who make billions milking the US taxpayer by providing kickbacks to their elected representatives.