Boarding Party

Search and Seizure Team from USS John L. Hall (FFG 32)

Visit, board, search and seizure team members from the guided-missile frigate USS John L. Hall (FFG 32) take control of Landing Craft Utility (LCU 1661) after boarding the vessel by rigid hull inflatable boat. Phoenix Express (PE) 2008 is the third annual exercise in a long-term effort to improve regional cooperation and maritime security. The principal aim is to increase interoperability by developing individual and collective maritime proficiencies of participating nations, as well as promoting friendship, mutual understanding and cooperation. Exercises like PE-08 enable participants to advance information sharing which is crucial to maintaining a region free from transnational threats, as well as enhance capability to conduct multinational peacekeeping missions. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Amanda Clayton

Two shotguns and three four ARs. No cutlasses?


  1. I would have thought sawn-off shotguns would be more useful for a boarding party. Oh, that’s right, I’m sorry – as per the US Supreme Court sawn-offs have no useful military purpose.

  2. Looks like 4-M4 carbines and 2-Ithica 12-gauge smoke poles. Ain’t nothin better that a shotgun at close quarters providing its barrel is a tad shorter than a 1957 Cadillac’s tail fin. Cutlasses?…….They’ve been called Ka-Bars since the BIG WW-2 Regards, Toejam…… who can’t figure how to ‘sign-in’ to the comment section cause I’m a Yahoo dude and Google doesn’t like me!

  3. I’d feel better holding a boarding pike whilst the bosun was screaming, ‘Stand by to repel boarders’…………….wait a minute! If I had a boarding pike, I’d be the boarder, and the other guy’s bosun would be screaming, ‘Stand by to repel boarders!’ Damn!