Friday Linkzookery – 02 May 2008

Dude, Where’s My Recession?
Before you declare a recession, as many economic pundits have, shouldn’t the economy, well, actually recess a bit–if only for a quarter?

B-17 and B-24.

“Deadbeat Dads” Who Are Actually Moms
Who would have guessed that a lower percentage of moms owing child support pay, 57% to 68%? Of course, many more men have to pay than women, but I was quite surprised in the gap in rates.

Yeah, Wright
Did he [Obama] spend 20 years as an intimate of Wright and a parishioner of his church without ever having an inkling that the guy is a wacko hatemonger? If so, can you think of anything more terrifying than sending such a naïf to the White House while there’s a war on?

Blackjack Back in Production
Rooskies building more Tu-160s.

Employers cut payrolls less than expected
20,000 cuts instead of expected 75,000. Unemployment rate DROPS to 5.0%.

Slain student called 911, but no help sent
Dispatcher hung up, didn’t call back. Do not count on anyone else to protected you. Ever.

U.N.’s World Food Program Cried Poverty While Sitting on Cash Stockpile of More Than $1.22 Billion
Well, a billion doesn’t buy as much as it used to…


  1. I bought my dad a ticket to ride in that B-17 for his 70th birthday back in February. The planes visit his hometown Memorial Day weekend. Love it when those radials fire up…