IN THE MAIL: A Conservative History of the American Left

A Conservative History of the American Left by Daniel J. Flynn

Just got A Conservative History of the American Left by Daniel J. Flynn:

From Communes to the Clintons

Why does Hillary Clinton crusade for government-provided health care for every American, for the redistribution of wealth, and for child rearing to become a collective obligation? Why does Al Gore say that it’s okay to –over-represent” the dangers of global warming in order to sell Americans on his draconian solutions? Why does Michael Moore call religion a device to manipulate –gullible” Americans?

Where did these radical ideas come from? And how did they enter the mainstream discourse?

In this groundbreaking and compelling new book, Daniel J. Flynn uncovers the surprising origins of today’s Left. The first work of its kind, A Conservative History of the American Left tells the story of this remarkably resilient extreme movement–one that came to America’s shores with the earliest settlers.

Flynn reveals a history that leftists themselves ignore, whitewash, or obscure. Partly the Left’s amnesia is convenient: Who wouldn’t want to forget an ugly history that includes eugenics, racism, violence, and sheer quackery? Partly it is self-aggrandizing: Bold schemes sound much more innovative when you refuse to acknowledge that they have been tried–and have failed–many times before. And partly it is unavoidable: The Left is so preoccupied with its triumphal future that it doesn’t pause to learn from its past mistakes. So it goes that would-be revolutionaries have repeatedly failed to recognize the one troubling obstacle to their grandiose visions: reality.


  1. The Left/Liberals/Progressives are always talking about the Post-Industrial Society. Really, conservatives should talking up the Post Socialist Society. I would say Mr. Flynn’s book is a wonderful documentation of this movement. Jerry in Detroit

  2. That last paragraph posted of the book sounds like it could describe the American Right as GWB was coming into power. They weren’t big on reality either. Likely they were still smarting from phantom memories of ‘that Vision thing’.