Rimfire AWB in Louisiana

We all joke about the quasi-pathetic 5.56mm round the US military uses in its assault rifles, but legislation introduced in Louisiana would ban a bunch of .22LR rifles in an “assault weapons ban.”

Amazing. Go read.


  1. You’ve just realized idiots aren’t banned from public office? There will never be a shortage of people to treat firearms crime as a ‘tool’ problem——–.get rid of the tools and crime goes away. QED! Of course to believe that, you have to be: a: Stupid, or b: cynical and pushing a non stated agenda. OMG! I’m being cynical————..half of b! .)

  2. I live in the Bayou State, and we’re not too worried. Proposals like this often surface when some vain New Orleans legislator needs a bit of TV time. But in a state where a majority hunts, sport shoots, or keeps a gun for defense – or knows someone who does – this has less than a snowball’s chance in hell of passing. In fact, in a heads up competition, put your money on the snowball.

  3. Seems reasonable to me that if you believe a .223 is a dangerous weapon you’d think the same of a .22 long rifle. I think we should arm our soldiers only with non-lethal weapons like Tasers. That way they can capture the enemy (without using excessive force, naturally) and bring them before a judge who can decide on their guilt or innocence. I mean, if you’re going to be an impotent joke, why not go all the way?

  4. Tasers only! Damn man! We’re not the (fill in favorite socialist western Euro PC state military here). LOL! PS: Glad to hear it’s just some BS political posturing, Clifford.