THREE DOWN, THREE TO GO? 12:58 4 Apr 2003

The Washington Post reports that the I Marine Expeditionary Force has defeated the Al Nida Division of the RG. They have “ceased to exist as an effective fighting force.”

It actually doesn’t appear that the RG has been an effective fighting force since early 1991.

With Medina, Baghdad, and Al Nida reported “destroyed”, that leaves Nebuchadnezzar (apparently SW of Baghdad), Hammurabi (W of Baghdad?), and Adnan (S of Baghdad?) as the last real military forces left to Saddam.

I expect that the 3rd ID and 101st AD are going to chop up Nebbuchadnezzar (already in contact with the 3rd) and Hammurabi, neither of which are “top” RG units. I’m not sure about Adnan. I can’t seem to find out if they were rated as the best along with Medina, or if it was Al Nida. I don’t think it will matter. The I MEF is on a roll.