Friday Linkzookery – 09 May 2008

Crackdown leads to drop in illegal immigration
Who would have ever guessed? Seems to me that slightly better border security combined with slightly better enforcement of employment laws and slightly better oversight of welfare going to illegals would make a big difference. But I’m not holding my breath on southern California (see next link).

Study Shows 25 Percent Of L.A.’s Welfare Goes To Illegal Aliens
We could buy four extra F-22s a year for that…

Violent Crimes and CCW
Simple graph explaining the lack of blood-flowing streets.

Flattop Follies
10 Carriers isn’t enough.

The Gun Control Warchest
It’s apparently not an accident that the antis have been so ineffective lately.

Great Lakes, Great Wars?
While there will no doubt be much clashing over fresh water supplies, it’s not like there’s a shortage of water available for desalination. Besides, with the glaciers melting and all that, what better way to preserve the current coastlines than to just drink the rising water levels?

Relive NASA’s glory days in glorious HD

The Fix Is In: Clinton’s plan for a windfall tax on oil companies
Because we all know that raising taxes lowers prices and increases supplies. What an idiot.

Purple Hearts For Combat Fatigue
I’d probably support this if they could get medical proof. Otherwise it’s just too open to personal opinion, isn’t it?

France reveals British WWI cave camp
Labyrinth of medieval quarries under the northern town of Arras which the British army converted into an underground hideout for 24,000 soldiers.

Bad Dads: The Father of All Bad Ideas
Remember, women are more likely to fail to pay child support than men. But let’s make a bounty hunter show about tracking down deadbeat dads. (Not that I have a problem with tracking them down…)

Carnival of Homeschooling: Week 123
A great weekly resource for homeschoolers, this edition features a Mother’s Day theme. Lots o links.

Florida Senate sends $66.2 billion budget to governor
Covering budget shortfalls by (gasp!) cutting spending instead of raising taxes. Democrats unhappy. Sun rises in east.

More crop circles appear in East Tennessee
“I really don’t think it’s man-made. I don’t believe anyone could do that, that quick and so perfect.”

Iron Sky
In 1945 the Nazis fled to the moon. In 2018 they are coming back.

Monk, Green Announce ‘Route 281’ Tour
Art Monk and Darrell Green, both to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, are touring to raise additional money for their charities. These were two of the classiest pro athletes around, on and off the field. I wish they were the norm rather than the exception in pro sports today.

Every Sales Receipt in Russia Gets Ripped!
Party like it’s 1989!

A rival to burial: Dissolving bodies with lye
Because it’s environmentally friendly.

Killing Dogs in Michigan
In defense of self or others, pull the trigger.

Rising Food, Gas Prices, Force Stormtroopers To Carpool
Photos of Imperial stormtroopers in the local grocery.

Did Earth once have multiple moons?
Possibility that small moons could have inhabited the L points? Interesting, but I don’t know how we’d ever know one way or the other.


  1. Your illegal immigrant headline is not correct, at least according to the article: ‘…nearly twenty five percent of Los Angeles County ‘s welfare and food stamp benefits goes directly to the children of illegal aliens…’ I would assume that a large percentage of those children are American citizens. You can say that the cost they bring is DUE to illegal immigration, but you can’t say that the handouts are all GOING to illegal immigrants.

  2. We could buy four extra F-22s a year for that…’ Or rearm the entire US Army and Marine Corps with better weapons/cartridges AND probably better personal body armor…and have money left over…those birds are frakking expensive

  3. Ah yes, crop circles…because an intelligence advanced enough to conceive and construct interstellar conveyances would choose to express itself, only occasionally and only in remote areas, in wheat. People should be euthanized for being so gd stupid.

  4. On Carriers: I need more to build an informed opinion. The article you linked to is lean on actual, you know, data, regarding the capability of a battle group and the projected need. I mean, how big a region can a battle group influence? For how long? How many of those regions do we need to care about at any moment? When that writer asks ‘How can we not have 12 carriers’, it sounds like he pulled that number from the air without any data to support why 12 is better than 9 but 15 would be too many. Not that it’s your job, MO, to find me data. Just sayin’ is all.

  5. Oh come on GL, even aliens get bored…probably their version of legal graffitee (sp?). I mean come on, if you were part of a space faring race, visiting a little backwater world like us, doing all that boring research, I’m sure you would ‘punk’ the local hicks for a few laughs too. ‘Look Zork, they think we are communicating!’ ‘Baz, you are such an adolecent some times.’

  6. Well, I don’t know? If you look at the reasoning and techniques of the aliens who wanted to meet Jodie Foster in First Contact………. what? What do you mean that wasn’t real? It was as real as the message in those crop circles! LOL! I don’t know GL, aliens might not be making crop circles, but I’ll bet the guys who are, are having a real laugh at all the believers who think they (aliens) are. Say…………….what a minute………..I get it! This is a faith based issue isn’t it. .) (X Files theme playing in the background)

  7. ktla – You are probably correct that those with ‘anchor’ babies are receiving the lion’s share of the benefits. I do think there is a case to interpret the 14th amendment that would not allow ‘anchor’ babies to be citizens if their parents were illegal and not under the jurisdiction of the US government. However, I am not holding my breath this will be done. For sake of argument let’s say the babies born here are citizens. Then I wish the government would provide aid to that kid only. Therefore, when mom, dad, brother, sister and anchor baby are in need of food stamps, they are provided for the anchor baby. No benefits are provided to the illegals. When section 8 housing is made available, only the anchor baby should be allowed to move in. If the rest of the family doesn’t like it, they can go back to the mother country.