Russia-Georgia Tensions


Georgian minister: War with Russia ‘very close’

“We literally have to avert war,” Georgian State Minister for Issues of Reintegration Temur Iakobashvili told a news briefing during a trip to Brussels.

Asked how close to such a war the situation was, he replied: “Very close, because we know Russians very well.

Among other issues, the Rooskies are upset that Georgia is trying to join NATO.

I wonder if we’ll see the EU Army step in and address this.


  1. Of course the EU Arrmy will get involved if Georgia & Russia decide to have a ‘serious exchange of views’. EU troops reserve the right to only serve in areas where there won’t be ANY fighting, and to only have 90 minute (Oops! They mean 90 day!) deployments (with 14 daysw of home leave), all assignments will be from 0900-1700 hours daily/with an hour for lunch, and written advance notice will be required of any Georgian or Russian troops who wish to fire ANY weapons within 20km of EU troops. They’re bad! They’re bad!

  2. Murdoc Online always welcomes comments without and also with sarcasm. The above note by Flanker was one of the latter. We think.

  3. ‘Papa Ray said: What EU Army?’ Correct Papa. The European Union doesn’t call it an army since that would tacitly imply it was an offensive body. Instead it’s called The EU DEFENSE FORCE That gives the European lads with the tanks, planes and arty a benign slant!

  4. Have you heard the latest? The Russian MiG 29 that shot down the Georgian Drone was, according to the Russian News Agency, actually a former Eastern European MiG 29 smuggled into Turkey or Georgia and used by the US to create a ‘provocation.’ Uh huh, and the Russians are again drinking tainted Vodka.

  5. I have said it before and will say it again. Don’t expand NATO. Bush is actually calling to get Georgia into NATO. If Georgia were a NATO member, we would be on the hook if a war does break out. In other words we would have to fight Russia over an insignificant issue to American interests. How does secession of South Ossetia matter to the US? Also, after the US recognized the tearing away of Kosovo from Serbia, why would others not feel they are entitled to do the same elsewhere?