Good thing Atlanta saved so much water

Fulton to increase water rates 15 percent

Fulton County officials praised county water users Wednesday for their success at conservation — then socked them with a 15 percent rate increase for their effort.

The conservation penalty the County Commission adopted Wednesday 6-0 matches the increase Atlanta utility officials asked to impose earlier this year but which the City Council so far has resisted. The average water/sewer bill should increase nearly $9 per month to a total of about $68 per month, water officials said.

Why raise rates on water? Well, because the conservation has cut revenues:

Utility managers said water use has dropped by as much as 30 percent since last year when Gov. Sonny Perdue asked each county to cut usage by at least 10 percent because of the lingering drought. That has Fulton facing potential default on its bonds, said Angela Parker, public works director.

“We just can’t swallow this reduction in revenues,” Parker said.

She said Fulton one day might roll back the rates if the drought ends and revenues return to pre-drought levels.


This is Fulton county doing this. Apparently the city of Atlanta is trying to do the same thing but has been blocked so far.


  1. good luck. they pulled this one in southern california already. it was one of those good news/bad news scenarios; good news! you did a great job conserving, bad news-we have to raise your rates….cause you did such a great job conserving.

  2. good luck. they did this in southern california too. yeah,it was one of those good news/bad news scenarios..good news- you did a great job conserving, bad news- we have to raise your rates… cause you did such a great job conserving.

  3. HUMMMMMMMM! This could explain why the price of gas keep rising while consumption drops!

  4. Toejam: I was just telling someone that gas taxes would be increasing if people start cutting back due to high prices. You just watch.

  5. Sam: Thanks for that link. I’ve been thinking about ways to reuse ‘clean ‘waste’ water’ for quite a while. We have to run a dehumidifier in our basement during the summer months and I make everyone carry the water upstairs and out for use on our plants rather than dump it down the drain. It’s not much, I know, but I just hate pouring good water down the drain, especially when I’ve already paid the electricity cost to pull it out of the air. Of course, if enough people do this and cut back on water for lawn and garden use, my city might have to raise the rates rather than ‘swallow that reduction in revenues.’

  6. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So much for the principles of the conservationists. Wanta bet the SAME thing would happen in California if the tobacco companies decided NOT to sell ANY tobacco products in that state? Liberals…they are no end of amusment!

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