Friday Linkzookery – 16 May 2008

New Hanover County Sheriff’s Deputies Upgrading Their Uniforms
The current patch features the battleship North Carolina (BB 55). The new one will also add the USS North Carolina submarine (SSN 777).

The Swedish Model: How to build a jet fighter
The Gripen N/G.

XP SP3 cripples some PCs with endless reboots

What Happened in Piedmont?
What’s Going On? I can’t reach anyone from my hometown of Piedmont, UT.

Gruesome Body Bakery
Head bread, severed limb bread, organ bread, and more. Yum.

6 downloadable boot discs that could save your PC
Could get you out of a jam.


  1. The Swedish Model: How to build a jet fighter Just another aviation titbit: The Saudi government has mandated that all aircraft must have their wings removed before entering their airspace. That’s so they don’t resemble crosses