Reports that we’re attacking Saddam International Airport. Check out the new Baghdad map I stole at left. The airport is only a couple of miles from the city proper. I’ll bet they wish they had National Guard units there helping provide security.

Are we headed right into the city? Or do we play it the way the British are working Al Basrah? Although slow, it certainly seems to be working for them. Or maybe we rush the city and hope for a quick collapse, then pause for a bit if it doesn’t work immediately like we did for the country in general? Whatever we do, city fighting could be ugly, but we’re certainly up to it. Probably better trained and equipped than most of the defenders.

Update 14:52 3 Apr 2003

Apparently, the Iraqis are putting up strong resistance at the airport. Maybe there’s something there that they particularly don’t want us to have. Drones? Chemical rockets? Jet fighters for a suicide chem attack? Just a thought. Or maybe they’re just don’t want to die. We’ll see.

Update 15:32 3 Apr 2003

Okay. We have the airport. Is it just me, or is there no real resistance anywhere? I wonder how things would be going if the planning hadn’t been so terrible.