Even zombies have to deal with irrational protesters these days

Protesting Zombies at the Nashville Zombie Walk

Have these people even thought about how the zombies feel? (Probable Answer: ‘Braaaaaiiinnnnsssss!’)

Protesting zombies is just going to cause the lifeless to withdraw even more. Maybe what Zack needs is a hug. Has anyone asked? (Probable Answer: ‘Braaaaaiiinnnnsssss!’)

And shouldn’t the Nashville Zombie Walk have been called the Nashville Zombie Shuffle? Did the zombies name it? If so, has anyone asked them about changing it? (Probable Answer: ‘Braaaaaiiinnnnsssss!’)

What do we think about the Mossberg Just In Case shotgun line as prep for disasters like floods, hurricanes, civil unrest, and the rise of the undead? Are the zombies prepared to face an armed America? (Probable Answer: ‘Braaaaaiiinnnnsssss!’)

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  1. The longer you keep treating this subject like a joke, the worse off we’ll all be when (NOT if) the war comes.