Cheer and Confidence

This is an issue that I’ve mentioned previously:

Ten years ago, gun rights were under siege. Now the two Democratic presidential candidates are bending over backward to try to paint themselves as pro-gun. It’s a lie, of course. But it’s a lie that shows where the political balance of power, er, lies on this issue. The Democrats are electing new members of Congress, too — but, again, they’re running as pro-gun. People here, I think, feel like they’ve got the momentum regardless of what happens in November.

That’s bad news for the Republicans, in a way. Scared gun-rights people vote Republican, and work hard to get Republican candidates elected. Confident gun-rights people figure that they can force Democrats to protect their rights, too.

For all of their pandering, Hillary and Obama are both strongly anti-gun in almost every conceivable way. And whoever is elected, there is likely going to be a strong Democratic majority in Congress. Yes, a lot of the Dems elected in 2006 were relatively “pro-gun” (or at least not “anti-gun”), but the Democratic leadership is still calling the shots.

Another reason for the perceived cheer and confidence that Glenn saw probably had to do with the fact that this is a large gathering of like-minded folks, many of whom are bloggers with strong opinions. So it’s not really a sample of Republican or Conservative voters, even, let alone any kind of cross section of America.

I mean, when the idiots in SanFransiscostan get together with their BusHitler T-shirts and march in protest of the war and the village destroyers, my guess is that there’s a mood of cheer and confidence there, too.

I would expect this event to be filled with a certain amount of cheer and confidence. And, truth be told, times are indeed pretty good for gun owners. But, as Reynolds notes, this could actually work against McCain and the Republicans.


  1. No ‘conservative’ dem that votes for Pelosi as Speaker of the House is pro-gun. They are just pandering to the rubes.

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