REMUS 600: Mine countermeasures and archaeological research

REMUS 600 autonomous undersea vehicle (AUV)

A crane operator lowers a REMUS 600 autonomous undersea vehicle (AUV), configured with a laser scalar gradiometer, into the water from aboard TWR 841 May 19, 2008, during AUVfest 2008 at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center’s Narragansett Bay Shallow Water Test Facility in Newport, R.I. During AUVfest 2008, participants demonstrate and test the applications of AUVs for both mine countermeasures and archaeological research. DoD photo by John F. Williams, U.S. Navy.

The ten foot, 530 pound AUV can operate in as much as 600m of water. REMUS stands for Remote Environmental Measuring UnitS. See the Hydroid page for more.