DA-DA-DA-DUMMMM 08:30 3 Apr 2003

BTW, I think that’s a “V for Victory,” not a “Peace, bro’.” Just a hunch. Not sure where or who, but he appears to be a Marine because he’s wearing forest BDUs with a desert helmet, which is what I’ve seen most of the Marines wearing.

Why is that? A lot of the Army’s body armor is also green forest pattern, worn over desert outfits. My wife and kids watched a show a couple weeks ago about them making the new armor, and how they were shipping them out every day to Kuwait for immediate use. They were forest. Why? Did they run out of desert pattern material?

Update 21:13 3 Apr 2003

“Da-Da-Da-Dummmm” refers to the morse code for the letter ‘V’, short-short-short-long, and also for the opening of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, which in WW2 was used to symbolize “V for Victory.”