Danger Room on the sudden ammo controversy in the press

Is Bigger Better? Current Ops Reignite Bullet Controversy

I still don’t get why this suddenly made the press now.


  1. Every 6 months or so you’ll see a story on M4’s and its related failings. No conspiracy here. Not that the normal public gives a crap.

  2. I think the press is running low on negative stories about the Army and Iraq so they run this one – unlike most of the drivel in the media, we just happen to agree with some of the points. Yes the 5.56 round is too small. Yes the M4/M16 is unreliable, inaccurate crap. No, they won’t be replaced in my lifetime.

  3. Bram: Just remember, all that boyish enthusiasm is great, but you’re bound to be disappointed from time to time. This is one of my favorite all-time Brammisms:

    A hundred years from now, when we are fighting battles on Mars, our troops will be carrying M16’s and M9’s and bitching that they jam in the Martian dust.

  4. Damn, forgot that one. I have to be careful not to become cynical. I just hope you’re still blogging about it then.