IDF Training

Israeli Defense Forces Women Training

A handout photograph supplied by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on 27 May 2008 shows Israeli women soldiers in a training exercise in the desert somewhere in Israel.

If that’s too girlie for you, here’s a tank:

IDF Merkava training in Golan Heights

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  1. Not girlie(sp?) enough in my opinion. More Israeli girls would definately boost the site meter. 🙂

  2. More IDF ladies are always a good thing. That Merkava just looks mean as homemade sin though.

  3. ‘More Israeli girls would definately boost the site meter. :)’ With all due respect Matt, they’re not girls. They’re warfighters.

  4. The israelis owe a lot of their beauty to the slavic immigration wave after the fall of the Soviet Union. Many people that came were like 1/4 or even just 1/8 jewish, carrying with them the typical slavic beauty. Not that im saying jews cant be pretty, dont get me wrong, but its hard to beat slavic people when it comes to beauty.