Mass Murder stopped by CCW

Say Uncle points out Another mass shooting stopped by a carry permit holder. A guy in a bar, no less.

In the small town of Winnemucca Nevada a man bent on performing a mass shooting at a bar was stopped by an armed CCW permit holder who happened to be in the right place at the right time. The alleged mass murderer had already killed two victims & had injured two others with gunshot wounds, but while he was reloading he was shot & killed by an armed CCW permit holder who was also at the bar.

Let’s see:

  1. Killer killing people
  2. No law enforcement officials apparently present
  3. CCW holder carrying in establishment that serves alcohol
  4. CCW stops killer
  5. No one killed in cross fire
  6. Cops don’t have to hesitate while trying to distinguish killer from cowboy

All in all, a storyline with a rather unhappy ending for the antis.

As I’ve noted, we have disconnected our television. Otherwise, like you, we would be seeing this story over and over and over on every channel.

(I knew I couldn’t keep a straight face while typing that…)

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  1. Georgia recently passed a law allowing their citizens the rights they were already supposed to have. This outraged the out out touch idiots at the Atlanta Journal Constitution who said:

    There’s zero evidence that more guns on the street prevents crime. If anything, more guns produce more violence, and Georgia has a startling rate of gun deaths and injuries to prove it. And while the gun lobby keeps repeating that other states give concealed-carry-permit owners wide latitude in where they can bring their weapons, they don’t explain that most states have far more stringent rules than Georgia on who can get a permit.

    Well, I guess there’s not zero evidence now, is there? In fact, I’m sure there was a lot more evidence than Murdoc’s article, just none of them ever see the light of day thanks to the liberal censorship filter that’s been placed on the news. One ironic aspect of this story, however, was the unreported fact that Lockheed in Marietta, Georgia, lobbied to keep guns out of defense plants, so if you work there you can still be fired for mistakenly driving into work with anything they interpret as a weapon in your vehicle, as is the case with all of the big defense companies. I guess they didn’t learn anything from their Meridian, Mississippi incident when some racist dumbass shot a bunch of people and then killed himself. Yeah, it would really suck if black people could defend themselves against idiots like that, wouldn’t it, Lockheed? Funny how that plant being a ‘gun free zone’ didn’t stop that guy at all. Who’d have guessed?