On Contractors

Lex writes about the Blackwater in San Diego issue and notes:

In stable countries or regions where the rule of law applied, you wouldn’t need a company like Blackwater, not at the prices they charge. And while we might all wish that Iraq was a safer place for diplomats and puppies and kite flying and so on, wishes will not make it so – the country and capital were, until quite recently, violently lawless in fact if not in theory.


  1. I thought we already won the war? Oh wait, we haven’t won, we are just winning very, very slowly. An inch at a time, if you will. At this rate it may take many years to completely win, but every day we’re getting just a little bit closer. Hmm, sounds just like the crap a certain bunch of contractors used to peddal regarding the 25+ years it took to develop the F-22. And I’m sure it is a complete coincidence, but in both cases the contractors are making money off of every day they drag out, well in one case it was the development of an airplane. Makes that greedy contractor seem like a bunch of saints, since for the most part no one was going home in a body bag because of what they were doing. A fool and his money are soon parted. In this case some of the fools are even parted with their lives. Real slick. Makes me proud to be an American.

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