503rd Infantry on Patrol

503rd Infantry Regiment on Patrol in Narang Valley, Kunar province, Afghanistan

U.S. soldiers move out to assist Afghanistan National Army soldiers in searching several suspicious structures for weapons caches in the Narang Valley, Kunar province, Afghanistan, May 18, 2008. The soldiers are assigned to Company A, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment. U.S. Army photo Spc. Gregory Argentieri

Note this:

503rd 50 caliber sniper rifle


  1. There was a time when you could punch a good sized hole in an engine block with a standard infantry rifle… Oh yeah, that’s a different topic. Even so, I think it’s a great idea to arm units with at least one .50 cal. They are great for taking out equipment. Heck, the rifle is the original precision weapon. They’ll also take out a sniper hiding behind a concrete wall.

  2. Ok, ok, and minotaurs. They might even do a good job on the occasional T. Rex should one or the other slip through a time portal via some random act of science fiction.

  3. WEll, Not too good on Zombies, however, but yeah, against minotaurs and engine blocks and T-rex”s they’re a good choice 🙂 Personally, they’d do just as well with am M-14 or two in the squad. That would ne my personal choice.

  4. GeekLethal said: ‘Pfff. Dinosaurs in Afghanistan. That’s just dumb.’ Submarines in Afghanistan OTOH is just damned impressive… http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7422774.stm ‘HMS Superb was first launched in 1976. Most recently she has been deployed to Afghanistan to provide support for troops there.’ (puts the grounding in perspective I’d think!) I am again in absolute awe of the Royal Navy! 🙂 ************************************************************** Back on topic…what is that? Is it the bolt action version or semi auto? It appears short for a .50. Is it the bullpup version?