Friday Linkzookery – 13 June 2008

Friday the 13th Edition of Linkzookery:

Inside the Government’s Backup Plan for GPS Failure
A couple of weeks ago I was wondering whatever happened to LORAN. I guess it’s still there (barely) but going to get an upgrade.

Calif. polygamist convicted of torturing 19 kids
Man told officials that his Muslim faith allows him to take multiple wives

Girls and Guns, 1922 Edition
High school girls in DC.

Missing Cape Cod lighthouse located in California
Like it ran away to join the circus or something.

Laws are for little people
A handgun was found in actor Dennis Farina’s bag at LAX. He was flying to Chicago. Just where did he think he was going to carry this gun?

Inside a Classic: The TRS-80 Model 100
20 hours on 4AAs? And a real keyboard?

Good joke: The Clever Mortician
Jumbo Joke is a decent spot to find decent humor.

‘He wasn’t a good shooter’
Not taking him out worked this time, but I’d hesitate to hesitate next time.